Leadership Development

Leadership is the pillar on which progressive and successful change is built. Coaching can help you lay the foundation.

Having the upper hand is great, but can you maintain it? The vast majority of people are aware of the best course of action, but they fail to really implement it. Our internal critic tells us we aren't bright enough. Adequately robust. enough courage to. It's not your lack of talent that's holding you back; it's your insecurity of succeeding. Leadership development is the key to stay at the top.

I offer one-to-one executive and leadership coaching in person and through Skype.

Coaching requires the courage to really ask yourself the tough questions, and it is only by daring to do so that you create the basis for sustainable growth and change. My aim is to work in partnership with you to enable this and to support you to bring more clarity, confidence and focus into your life. Whether your topic’s context is organizational, or of a more personal nature – I can help you find a path forward.

Management Structure

Executive Coaching Program

Executive coaching can lead to long-lasting personal and professional evolution.

Phase 1 – Self Awareness


Expectation Setting includes a review of the process and a timeline for the coaching engagement with clarification of confidentiality and the guidelines for the coaching relationship.


Self-Assessment of skills, strengths, opportunities for development, and initial goals for the executive coaching program.


Sponsor Meeting that includes the coachee, the coachee’s manager, and the coach for the purpose of aligning expectations around the change and outcomes desired for the coaching engagement.


Hogan Leadership Assessments to be completed on-line and debriefed with the coachee in an executive coaching session.

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) reveals the leadership behaviors others are likely to see when the coachee is at their best.
  • The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) reveals behaviors others may see when the coachee is stressed.
  • The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) reveals a person’s core values, goals and interests and the kind of culture the leader is likely to promote.

A 360 Degree Qualitative Feedback Process includes a review and customization of the interview questions, determination of the stakeholders to be interviewed, completion of the interviews by the coach, creation of the in-depth, confidential 360 Degree Feedback Report, and delivery of the feedback to the coachee in an executive coaching session.


A review of any other feedback and/or assessment data that has previously been provided to the coachee.

Phase 2 – Focused Learning


Clarification of goals, expectations, and desired results based on the Self-Awareness Phase of the Executive Coaching Program.


Coaching Sessions — 2-12 months of weekly or bi-weekly in-person, phone, or video conference coaching sessions defined by agreement between the coachee and the coach.


Situational Coaching — periodic email exchanges or phone conversations for coaching related to immediate situations in support of the coaching objectives.


Shadow Coaching — the coach and the coachee may decide it would be helpful for the coach to observe the coachee in action in meetings or presentations.


Assessment of Progress and Results during the coaching and at the end of the program. Sponsor meetings may be included.


Next Steps — defining a self-directed learning plan and future development goals to support continued focus and attention on the results and change being worked on.


of clients who hire a coach are satisfied with the overall experience

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

of clients would hire a coach again and repeat the process

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

improved their business management

Coaching statistics. Source: ICF

I've helped them improve their lives

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Testimonial Author 1

Thanks to Srinivas's coaching, I was able to achieve results I never thought possible. His steady encouragement, persistent prodding, and unwavering faith in me inspired me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and accomplish more than I thought possible. Srinivas Saripalli is someone who would be useful to have on anyone's side.!

Sam, Senior HR Executive
Testimonial Author 2

Coaching with Srinivas leaves you in amazement of what you've learnt about yourself as a result of his skilful and masterful ability to hold you in a space that is entirely genuine. You will embark on a journey of tremendously transformative personal development thanks to his profound insights and impressive abilities as a personal development coach. In a coach, Srinivas is the epitome of all I could have hoped for.

Ann Cerovski, Doctor, Speaker and Coach
Testimonial Author 3

Srinivas is an incredible leadership coach because he maintains his composure under pressure and is able to put me at ease at all times. He pushes me to think critically about my goals and where I want to go in life, which has enabled me to gain perspective and formulate a strategy for the future. I never fail to walk away from sessions feeling more inspired and prepared to implement improvements.!

Corrado Milano, Senior Leader, Fintech
Testimonial Author 4

Srinivas has keen insights in human personalities and business complexities, positioning his beautifully to coach both tactical and strategic individuals through professional and even sometimes personal challenges.

Peter Wilson, IT Professional & Business Owner

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